Please Consider Donating to our Cause

It has been our vision to offer free US Civics Training to the nation and to the world over the last several years.

We started our on-line offerings over 5 years ago and now find ourselves providing free training to over 30,000 people a year from not only around the United States, but around the world.

This effort is driven by the vision and content from our main training site

Our effort is entirely supported by donations of individuals who have either benefited from our training or have a vision for training this generation and future generations in freedom and liberty.

Our analytics tell us, that every $1 donated impacts on average 2 or 3 individuals and their understanding of these concepts. 

So a $100 donation, educates and impacts up to 200 to 300 people in some or many dimensions of freedom and liberty.

We do not know of any other organization that uses this approach or has the unique content that we deliver.

Would you consider making a donation and “paying forward” the gift of freedom and liberty to future generations.